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Education and training

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     Jin Rui regards talents as the core resources of the company. Under the guidance of Jinrui culture, a talent training system is designed and developed based on the development channel of employees to enhance the comprehensive literacy of employees and ensure the harmony and consistency of the development of enterprises and employees.

Jinrui arranged different training for different job categories

      Company Manager: The responsibility of the company manager is to take overall responsibility for the management of the entire company. Therefore, the knowledge, ability and attitude of the company manager are related to the success or failure of the company. Jinrui's management training mainly consists of the following parts: 1. Teach managers how to use their experience effectively and make the best use of their talents. 2. Help the manager to understand the changes in the internal conditions and external environment of the company. For example, regular meetings are held to exchange information between various departments and implement various stages of the plan; Organize managers to learn about government policies and regulations, help managers understand trends in political, economic, and technological development, and so on. 3. Help the manager to quickly acquire some of the necessary basic skills. Skills such as handling technology, dealing with interpersonal relationships, forming concepts to preside over meetings, analysis, and conversation.

     Grass-roots management personnel: Grass-roots management personnel are in a relatively special position. They should have skilled technical skills and certain management skills. Most grass-roots management personnel are engaged in business and transactional work. Lack of management experience. Therefore, the company will train this group of personnel to master management skills, clarify their new responsibilities, and master new working methods as soon as possible.

      Professionals: Each company has its own accountants, engineers and other professionals. Most professionals are confined to their own professions and lack communication and coordination with other professionals. To train professionals to understand the work of others and to facilitate communication and coordination among various professionals so that they can work together in the company as a whole. Another important aim is to keep the expertise up to date in order to adapt to the development of socio-economic technologies and to keep professionals up to date with the latest knowledge in their respective fields.

     General staff: In accordance with the job specifications and the requirements of the job description, each staff member clearly defines the boundaries of his or her responsibilities and has the necessary work skills to be able to perform his or her duties in a timely and effective manner. The topic of intra-company education is diverse and increasingly advanced. It includes the company's product knowledge, practical business knowledge, cutting-edge technology, management knowledge, language, and general education.

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