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Talent concept

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Uphold the principle of "respecting human values, developing human potential, and promoting the Chinese mind" and build Jinrui into an organization of Hina Baichuan. In this organization, ordinary people become excellent people. Good people become excellent people, a steady stream of people here to realize their dreams of life.

Cultivating and cultivating a talent team that wins market leadership, creates organizational advantages, leads value orientation, has a sense of mission and responsibility, and supports the realization of strategic goals. It is Jinrui's continuous talent pursuit.

Jinrui cares for employees from life, emotions, and growth.

Jinruiren cherishes his inner dream and pursuit, because dreams are more dynamic, more creative, more driven than other organizations and individuals, and achieve self-improvement.

Respect for human values

Jinrui advocates that everyone is a talent. As long as you agree with Jinrui's concept, as long as you have professionalism and professional quality, as long as you can create performance, it is Jinruiren, who can become Jinrui's talents.

Jinrui advocates the common growth of corporate value and employee value. With the development of the company, employees also receive rewards and positions that are commensurate with their own efforts to achieve value recognition.

Let employees have Jinrui's work experience and produce Jinrui brand effect, with higher market value.

Developing human potential

Jinrui puts talent development at a strategic level and continuously provides employees with opportunities to learn, work, and challenge themselves. This is Jinrui's greatest respect for people and the greatest goodness to employees.

Jinrui strives to optimize the mechanism of talent selection, training, use, and retention, emphasizing performance-oriented users, scientifically evaluating and selecting people, cultivating people at all levels and levels, and fully exploiting people's potential to achieve their talents.

Raise the Chinese mind

In keeping with the business philosophy of "all people-oriented, population-driven growth, respect for the humanistic spirit, and improvement of people's lives," Jinrui's business activities exist for people to live better. This is the meaning of Jin Rui's work, life, and growth. It is also the higher level spiritual pursuit of Jin Rui.

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