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Dongguan Jinrui Hardware Products Co. Ltd..
地址圖標Address: No. 88, Haomai Road, Nancheng Industrial Zone, Daokang Town, Dongguan City
電話圖標Tel: 0769-88325500
傳真圖標Fax: 0769-88325522
手機圖標Mobile phone: 13829781119(Wang Sheng)
E-mail圖標E-mail:[email protected]

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      The company is mainly committed to the compressor precision hardware manufacturing, has 20 years of rich hardware stamping development and manufacturing experience. Especially in the mold design, the pursuit of automation technology is more professional and more competitive in safeguarding quality and reducing production costs. In particular, the iron-plated copper continuous takeover is the earliest and most mature supplier in the same industry. The 13-year mass production of iron-plated copper catheters has been highly praised by companies such as Panasonic and Meizhi. At present, there are 44 patents(containing iron-plated copper catheters), and in 2013 they won national high-tech enterprises.


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