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Dongguan Jinrui Hardware Products Co. Ltd..
地址圖標Address: No. 88, Haomai Road, Nancheng Industrial Zone, Daokang Town, Dongguan City
電話圖標Tel: 0769-88325500
傳真圖標Fax: 0769-88325522
手機圖標Mobile phone: 13829781119(Wang Sheng)
E-mail圖標E-mail:[email protected]

enterprise culture

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企業文化Entrepreneurship culture: adhere to "two must", think in danger, never slack off, constantly enterprising.
Integrity culture: honest and trustworthy, obey the law, Jilvyanming.
Performance culture: enterprises pursue high performance, high goals, employees are full of passion, pursue high performance.
Human-based culture: respect, cultivate, build people, realize the value of employees and corporate values.
Responsibility culture: fulfill social responsibilities, pursue harmony with stakeholders and the natural environment, and actively give back to society.
Integrity culture: abide by professional ethics and professional ethics, strict discipline, integrity in the practice of work, dedication.
Lean culture: learning and innovation, continuous improvement, full participation.

Development Vision 

The environment changes because of me!

For individuals: personal spiritual needs and the family living environment and quality are improved;

For enterprises: to create a positive growth environment, good work and living environment;

For social/customer/family: to bring about a greener, more energy-efficient, safer and more comfortable environment.

Corporate mission 

  Become a pilot in the refrigeration industry!
With technological innovation as the core, we will continue to provide customers with the most perfect solutions and products to create maximum value!


  Integrity, responsibility, obedience, love!

Integrity: honesty and integrity, keep promises;

Responsibility: admit, it is my ability, no excuses; Commitment, is my pattern, ensure results;

Obey: obey orders and follow orders;

Loving: speak with heart and do things with love.

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